The Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Colorado Boulder congratulates all of our undergraduate and graduate students graduating with degrees in Spanish and Portuguese during Spring 2020!

The Department will not be hosting a virtual ceremony this year. However, we invite all of our graduating majors and graduate students to walk in our Spring 2021 ceremony next May.

To our Majors graduating this Spring and Summer 2020, on May 7, 2020 please look for an email from the Department congratulating you on your accomplishments.

Graduating Graduate Students, on May 7, 2020 please look for an email from our Chair, Professor Nina Molinaro, and our Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, Professor Javier Krauel, congratulating you on your accomplishments.

We invite all graduating students to join the main campus for the 2020 livestream ceremony on Thursday, May 16 @ 12:00pm. Details can be found here.

Majors in Spanish Language and Literature (SPAN) and Spanish for the Professions (SPPR)

Belén Barajas (SPAN)

Sydney Laura Bates (SPPR)

Amelia Cavazos (SPAN)

Eva Lenore Chamberlin (SPAN)

Sabrina Louise Cohen (SPAN)

Fabiola Xochitl Cota (SPAN)

Mariana Chagas Da Penha (SPPR)

Madison Elyse Elson (SPAN)

Michelle Mae Fontes (SPPR)

Anika Elise Gorham (SPPR)

Jenny Lee Granston (SPAN)

Jace Christopher Haehnlein (SPAN)

Valeria Hernández Maldonado (SPPR)

Lauren Margaret-Rose Hoos (SPAN)

Claire Noelle Johnson (SPAN)

Daniel Matthew Kopp (SPAN)

Cameron Joseph Markuson (SPAN)

Cassandra Marquez (SPAN)

Kathryn A. McConnell (SPPR)

Paola Melissa Medrano Leyva (SPAN)

Nuvia Giselle Mendoza (SPAN)

Jessica Kaye Nieusma (SPAN)

Lindsey Sharlene Peck (SPAN)

Kristen Sperry Plonsky (SPAN)

Jacob D. Reagan (SPAN)

Laura Ann Rossman (SPAN)

Julia Gabrielle Severson (SPAN)

John Fraser Strand (SPAN)

Olivia Brock Wittenberg (SPAN)

Rachel Caroline Yen (SPAN)

Majors Graduating with Honors in Spanish

Remington Anne Ruyle, Summa cum laude in Spanish (Advisor: Dr. Susan Hallstead)

A special congratulations to all students graduating with Minors in Spanish and Minors in Portuguese.

Masters in Spanish and Spanish American Literatures

Pedro Cuevas Collante

Jonatan Cantu Guerra

Maxwell Thomas Moloney

Elizabeth Neill

Eduardo Alejandro Ramírez Bello

Andrés Vazquez Arreguin

Masters in Hispanic Linguistics

Kelsey Treviño

Ph.D. in Spanish

Gabriela Alejandra Buitrón Vera (Advisor: Professor Leila Gómez)

Alexander Marino Cárdenas (Advisor: Professor Andrés Prieto)

Kelly J. Drumright (Advisor: Professor Juan Herrero-Senés)

Juan Antonio García Oyervides (Advisor: Professor Peter Elmore)

Taiko Maria Haessler (Advisor: Professor Núria Silleras-Fernández)

Rowan Orellana Capriles (Advisor: Professor Núria Silleras-Fernández)