McKenna Languages Building

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is committed to providing an excellent education and an intellectually stimulating environment to undergraduate and graduate students alike. Teaching lies at the core of our mission, as does innovative and relevant scholarship in all periods of Latin American and Spanish literature and cultures as well as Hispanic Linguistics.

Our faculty is made up of nearly fifty individuals ranging in training and experience from Teaching Assistants to senior Full Professors. Each of us is actively engaged in providing the best possible academic experience for our students.

Our tenured and tenure-track faculty members are Esther Brown, Juan Pablo Dabove, Peter Elmore, Juan Herrero-Sénes, John Kennedy, Javier Krauel, Tania Martuscelli, Élika Ortega-Guzmán, Andrés Prieto, Tracy Quan, Javier Rivas and Núria Silleras-Fernández.

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Several members of the Spanish & Portuguese Department have been trained as UnDocuAllies. This means we stand with undocumented students, staff, and their families. They have completed a formal training session familiarizing them with issues related to immigrants and immigration, and most importantly they are committed to maintaining confidentiality in all conversations and dealings with undocumented persons. Please contact Shannon Markusen if you need help in any capacity.