Multifunctional Raman micro-spectroscopy is implemented using an inverted microscope (IX-71, Olympus), SpectraPro-275 spectrometer (Acton Research Corporation), an electron multiplying charge coupled device (EMCCD, iXon3 888, Andor Technology), and a continuous-wave 532-nm laser. The system includes a single beam optical trapping using 1064 nm laser beam, rotating particle detection, 3D particle tracking using DH-PSF (double helix- point spread function) and a magnetic tweezers system as well as the Raman micro-spectroscopy.

Micro-Raman setup

Multifunctional Raman micro-spectroscopy setup.

8CB Raman spectra

Ordinary Raman spectra of an aligned 8CB Smectic LC for linear polarizations of excitation light parallel (red) and perpendicular (green) to the far-field director.