Matthew Beard Photo
Senior Research Fellow | I-Materials Science | Materials Chemical & Computational Science • NREL

Matthew C. Beard is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Director of the Center for Hybrid Organic Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy (CHOISE) an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the Office of Science within the US. Department of Energy CHOISE’s mission is to form a cohesive center-wide effort to accelerate discovery and elucidate design principles for unprecedented control over emergent properties involving spin, charge, and light-matter interactions, leading to new energy-efficient advanced technologies. His research interest includes hot-carrier utilization strategies (e.g., slowed hot-carrier cooling in metal-halide perovskite systems and multiple exciton generation in quantum dots) in reach the ultimate thermodynamic limits of solar energy conversion.  Interest also include controlling the optical and electrical properties of QDs, QD arrays, and other reduced dimensional systems for solar energy transduction including photochemical energy conversion.  Finally, he is also developing ultrafast spectroscopic probes of interfacial carrier dynamics important for energy conversion architectures.