Ivan Smalyukh

Ivan Smalyukh, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and the NSF-sponsored Soft Matter Materials Research Center at CU-Boulder. Smalyukh's research centers on organizing principles of nanoscale material self-assembly and light-matter interactions. Smalyukh and his research group are studying the long-range ordered molecular and nanoparticle organization with the focus on applications in organic photovoltaic solar cells. Smalyukh is organizing annual inter-continental advanced materials for photonics (I-CAMP) summer schools (http://icamconferences.org/i-camp.html ), which bring together both prominent and junior scientists and allow them to combine advanced education at the interface of materials science and optics/photonics with learning about different cultures worldwide. Smalyukh is a faculty advisor of SPIE and MRS student chapters of CU-Boulder.