Elisa Miller-Link Photo
Researcher IV-Chemistry, NREL

Dr. Elisa Miller-Link is a Staff Scientist at NREL.  She studies the surface of semiconductors that are applicable for solar fuel generation, such as NH3 and H2 generation, and photovoltaics. She is interested in manipulating and controlling surface energetics, charge transfer, and surface reactions by doping, surface passivation, straining, and quantum confinement. Her research focuses on quantum confined nanomaterials, such as 2D transition-metal dichalcogenides, that can be tuned for various optoelectronic and catalysis properties. Elisa came to NREL in 2013 as an NREL Director’s Fellowship recipient for her post-doctoral research. Prior to her time at NREL, Elisa earned her PhD from University of Colorado Boulder in 2012 and her BA from Boston University in 2005.