David Jonas
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

David Jonas, Ph.D., is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at CU-Boulder. Jonas and his group used femtosecond lasers to demonstrate the first optical analogs of early two-dimensional NMR experiments. The approach is now widely used to measure fast electronic and vibrational motions in disordered environments such as liquids, proteins, and semiconductors, but more work is needed to develop 2D spectroscopy as an analytical technique. Jonas' group has used 2D femtosecond spectroscopy to probe the fastest electronic motions within molecules, the vibrations coupled to those motions, and the coupled motions of the environment. Topics of interest include electronic dynamics at "conical intersections" between electronic potential surfaces, surface enhanced Raman scattering on metallic nano-particles, photosynthetic light harvesting, multiple exciton generation in semiconductor quantum dots, and other approaches to higher efficiency solar energy conversion.