Donated to TEA by Utagawa Monjinkai and the Japan Society of New York, this collection of 30 prints and accompanying lesson suggestions offer teachers the opportunity to engage their students in first-hand study of this great Japanese artistic tradition. Prints, in the ukiyo (floating world) style, depict everyday life and pastimes of early 19th-century Japan’s prosperous urban dwellers. Prints are not framed, and borrowers must agree to standards of care when using the art with students.

Sample Prints

Woodblock Prints 1 Woodblock Prints 2 Woodblock Prints 3 Woodblock Prints 4 Woodblock Prints 5 Woodblock Prints 6

Lesson Suggestion

Woodblock Prints Borrower’s Agreement

To reserve the collection for classroom use in Colorado, call or email Catherine Ishida at 303.735.5115.