Since 2007, Teaching East Asia: Korea has been promoting effective instruction about Korea in K-12 classrooms through professional development programs such as one-day workshops, summer institutes, online seminars, and special projects.


NCTA-TEA Online Seminar

As part of its NCTA online programming, TEA is offering “Korea (1876-1953): Independence to Division,” a 24-hour online course for secondary (6-12) teachers nationwide. Examining primary and secondary sources, participants consider the impacts of  imperialism and independence, political-economic and nationalist ideologies, and globalization on the development of Korea, 1876 to 1953.


In September 2017 and 2018, Colorado teachers had the opportunity to consider division, reconciliation, economic development, and national identity of the two Koreas using Korean narratives and multimedia primary sources. Korea studies professors and TEA staff offered academic and curricular presentations which explored the two Koreas through topics of history, South and North Korean literature, film, and popular culture, and contemporary issues. Offered thanks to the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea at San Francisco, Freeman Foundation, and Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies.

Summer Institutes

In summers 2015 and 2016, with the support of the Freeman Foundation, Korea Foundation and Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies, TEA offered summer institutes on modern and contemporary North and South Korea’s history, geography, intra-peninsular and international relations, and transnational cultural transmissions (e.g., K-pop, film, design).

Korea Resource Center

Built with support from the Korea Foundation and contributions from teachers and publishers, TEA’s Korea Resource Center offers teachers a growing collection of curriculum resources on Korea. Print materials are lent free of charge to teachers within commuting distance of the TEA offices; audiovisuals require a $35 deposit. Please see our Korea Resource Center page for full details.