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Videos are an NCTA resource collection sponsored by the NCTA National Coordinating Site at TEA, University of Colorado Boulder. Each video focuses on a timely topic or “best practice” presented by an NCTA consulting scholar, seminar leader, teacher alum, or author. How can you use the videos?

  • Take a “quick course” on a current topic you can integrate into your teaching
  • Choose a video to show in class
  • See how NCTA alumni are using new resources successfully
  • Hear what authors have to say about using their new books in the classroom

Our NCTA videos are housed on the NCTA national website. Check out the full menu of titles on the NCTA national website.

In addition NCTA at TEA has developed “Recommended Resources” pages for selected videos. Check the links below for Recommended Resources for the following videos:

China’s Millennials: The Want Generation by Eric Fish
The Constitution at 70 by Ethan Segal
        The Honobono Family Asks, “What Are Constitutional Revisions?”
        Embracing Democracy, Popularizing Democratic Values Lesson Plan

Cultural Appreciation or Appropriation? by Melanie King 
Korea Goes Global by Tony Robinson
Learning to Read Japanese Paintings: An Art Historian’s Perspective by Carla Stansifer
Learning to Read Japanese Paintings: A Social Studies Perspective by Mary Hammond Bernson
Learning to Read Japanese Paintings: Using Artwork as an Entry Point for Japanese Literature by Sarah Campbell
Milestones in K-12 Japan Studies by Linda S. Wojtan
“Reading” South Korea through Literature and Popular Culture by Dafna Zur
Using Samurai to Teach Critical Thinking by Ethan Segal

Webinars from NCTA at TEA

In addition to our NCTA Class Apps, NCTA posts selected NCTA webinars on timely topics hosted and sponsored by the NCTA site at TEA. Current titles are listed below and also on the NCTA national website under Class Apps.

The Current State of Uighurs and Kazakhs in China by Sarah Tynen