Teachers who have taken part in an NCTA seminar sponsored by TEA or other NCTA partner sites are eligible to apply to NCTA study tours and summer institutes.

2019 Summer Program

TEA-NCTA 2019 Summer Institute: East Asia in the Early Modern World, July 7-11, 2019

In this four-day institute, nineteen secondary teachers studied with scholars and specialists from Boston University, Colorado College, University of Southern Mississippi, and the University of Colorado to consider teaching early modern East Asia (1271-1842) as an interconnected system rather than separate histories of China, Japan, and Korea. With a focus on primary sources, the institute examined transborder institutions, practices, and people such as the tributary system; Confucianism; the Mongols; Zheng He; the Great East Asian War and military revolution; encounters with Christianity; and trade goods and systems.

EASI19 Group photo

2020 Summer Programs 

NCTA 2020 Summer Institute. Please check back in January 2020 for the information and application for TEA's 2020 NCTA summer institute. Our institutes are generally conducted the second and/or third weeks of July on the CU-Boulder campus.

NCTA 2020 Study Tours. NCTA study tour information will be available in January and February 2020. Please check back.