Through the generous support of the Freeman Foundation, NCTA entered its 21st year of programming in 2018. Nationally, NCTA offers a wide variety of professional development programming, including workshop series in classroom settings and online courses ranging from short webinars to full 30-hour courses. For a full list of NCTA offerings nationwide, visit our NCTA website. Add your name to the TEA mailing list to receive announcements of future online courses.

Winter 2019 National Online Seminars and Book Groups

The NCTA National Coordinating Site at the Program for Teaching East Asia at the University of Colorado is offering online seminars and book groups during winter-spring 2019, as well as one workshop series in Northern Virginia. TEA’s NCTA online courses are open to teachers throughout the United States; the Northern Virginia series is open to area secondary social studies educators. Grade level and teaching assignment priorities vary by course. Please link to each course flyer for specific details of class size, contact hours, and eligibility.

Onsite in Northern Virginia. February 23 workshop now registering!

Northern Virginia and DC area social studies teachers: Get involved with NCTA through local Saturday workshops. Join us for one or both winter-spring NoVa/DC area workshops. On February 23, we will spend the day exploring Confucianism in China--its origins, its critical role in the social organization and government during the long dynastic period, its status under Mao and its re-emergence in China today. Informational FlyerRegistration page.  Tentative topic of our March 9 workshop is Buddhism in East Asia. Both workshops will run 9-3:45 on the campus of The Madeira School, McLean, VA. For more information, contact Lynn Parisi, NCTA National Co-director, at or Matthew Sudnik, NCTA NoVa Coordinator,  Information and registration for the March 9 workshop will be available in early February 2019.







Winter-Spring 2019 Online Seminar: Chinese History through Its Dynasties: Song, Ming, Qing (January 14-March 11, 2019)

This 18-hour, seven-week online seminar introduces significant elements of China’s political, social, and cultural history through the examination of China’s dynasties covering the period 960-1911 CE. In addition to investigating historical themes, participants will analyze exemplary curriculum materials on the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. This program is Part II of the 2018-2019 two-semester offering on Chinese dynasties. The course is open to social studies teachers of grades 7-12 who teach about China as part of their required curriculum. Completion of Chinese History through Its Dynasties Part I is not required to enroll in this course. Priority will be given to contract teachers who are not enrolled in another NCTA online course offered by TEA for Winter-Spring 2019. THIS SEMINAR HAS FILLED

Winter-Spring 2019 Online Seminar: Cracking the Samurai Code: Separating Fact from Fiction (January 14-March 18, 2019)

From Hollywood to video games, samurai are among the most recognizable—and most misinterpreted—of Japanese historical figures. What does scholarship tell us about these warriors? How can this high-interest “hook” be used to effectively and accurately explore Japanese history and culture in the medieval and Tokugawa periods, as well as popular culture today? With an emphasis on primary source readings, this course offers historical context, resources, and strategies for teaching Japanese history through case studies of samurai over time. Join Japanese history professors and NCTA veteran seminar leaders Ethan Segal and Melinda Landeck for the return of this popular NCTA online seminar. Not open to teachers who have previously taken this course. Priority will be given to applicants who are not enrolling in other NCTA online courses offered through the NCTA national site at TEA. THIS SEMINAR HAS FILLED.

NEW! Winter-Spring 2019 Online Book Group: Cries from the Iron House: Stories by Lu Xun (January 17-February 27, 2019)

Lu Xun was a groundbreaking author whose life and writing exemplify the turbulence of China's early 20th century. The stories for this book group are important touchstones in the development of modern Chinese literature and suitable for integration into social studies courses. From a madman's rantings to a poor man's understandnig of the revolution, they explore the historical and social juncture  between tradition and modernity that challenged China. Lu Xun's writings take on socialills, customs, and the desire for a new society. Join Chinese literature specialist Lynn Kalinauskas for an exploration of the most classroom-applicable stories in this diverse collection. Open to high school social studies, literature, and Chinese language teachers nationwide by application. Priority will be given to contract teachers who are not enrolled in another NCTA online course offered by TEA for winter 2019. THIS BOOK GROUP HAS FILLED.

NEW! Winter-Spring 2019 Online Discussion Group: China in the News (January 21-March 9, 2019)

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to explore contemporary China with Eric Fish, author of the highly acclaimed China’s Millennials: The Want Generation. During this 12-hour, seven-week online discussion group, participants will explore stories that have made headlines, both in China and the United States, regarding the effects of China’s economic miracle on its people, including the generational and attitudinal shifts, changes in education, the aging population, the gender imbalance, and the rural-urban divide. Secondary social studies teachers nationwide are invited to apply. Preference will be given to contract teachers whose required curriculum includes China and who are not enrolling in another winter-spring 2019 NCTA online course through TEA. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.

Winter-Spring 2019 Online Seminar: Korea in the Modern World, Part 2: 1945-Present (January 24-March 27, 2019)

This 24-hour seminar explores the development of North and South Korea (1945-present) in terms of political-economic and nationalist ideologies and globalization. Participants will work with primary and secondary sources. Open to secondary teachers nationwide by application. Completion of Korea in the Modern World, Part I (offered in Fall 2018) is not required to enroll in this course. Priority will be given to contract world histoy and geography teachers whose course assignments include the study of East Asia and who are not enrolled in another NCTA online course offered by TEA in fall 2018. Registration is closed.

NEW! Winter-Spring 2019 Online Book Group: Japan through Children's Literature. J-Boys: Kazuo's World, Tokyo 1965 (Febraury 1-March 26, 2019)

Sixteen-hour book group for K-8 teachers featuring J-Boys: Kazuo’s World, Tokyo, 1965, by Shogo Oketani and translated by Avery Fischer Udagawa. Discussion will explore this autobiographical historical fiction’s themes and topics of post-World War II Japan through the eyes of a fourth-grade boy.  Open to K-8 teachers nationwide by application. Priority will be given to contract teachers who teach about Japan and are not enrolled in another NCTA online seminar offered by TEA in winter/spring 2019. Flyer and application.