Through the generous support of the Freeman Foundation, NCTA is now in its 23rd year of programming. Nationally, NCTA offers a wide variety of professional development programming, including workshop series in classroom settings and online courses ranging from short webinars to full 30-hour courses. For a full list of NCTA offerings nationwide, visit our NCTA websiteAll NCTA courses and webinars offered by TEA at the University of Colorado provide a certificate of completion for professional development contact hours. TEA-NCTA courses over 10 hours also provide a small participant completion award. Add your name to the TEA mailing list to receive announcements of future online courses.

Winter-Spring 2021 National Online Offerings; State Programs in Virginia and Iowa 

The NCTA National Coordinating Site at the Program for Teaching East Asia at the University of Colorado is offering online courses and book groups open to teachers throughout the United States during fall 2020. In addition, we are offering two state/region specific programs, in Virginia and Iowa. Grade level and teaching assignment priorities vary by course. Please link to each course flyer for specific details of class size, contact hours, and eligibility.

Virginia. NCTA is offering two online workshops for Virginia and DC area teachers. The first takes place December 12, 2020 and has filled. Check back in January 2021 for information on Workshop #2, planned for February TBD

Join Virginia/DC area NCTA for this Saturday morning virtual workshop. Full details and registration.







Winter-spring 2021: National: Online Seminar: Modern Japan, Part II. Reinventing Japan, From the Occupation to the 2011 Triple Disasters, January 23-March 12, 2021

Join historian Ethan Segal for this 6-week, 26-hour course exploring Japan's story of post-WWII reinvention, resurgence, and global presence from 1945 to 2011. The course will introduce participants to current historical interpretations by leading scholars as well as classroom-applicable primary sources and curriclulum. Modern Japan Part I is not a prerequisite for this course. Open nationally to secondary social studies teachers. Flyer and application available December 3, 2020. 

Winter-Spring 2021 Online Seminar: Chinese Literature through History, Part II

Join historian Ethan Segal for this four-module, eight-week  online seminar focusing on Japan's story of becoming a modern nation and an imperialist and global power, from the Meiji Restoraton through WWII. The course will introduce participants to current historical interpretations by leading scholars as well as classroom applicable readings and primary sources. Priority will be given to contract teachers who are not enrolled in another NCTA online course for Fall 2020. This course qualifies for a completion certificate for 30 professional development contact hours.Part II of the Modern Japan seminar will be offered in Winter-Spring 2021 and will cover the period of the Occupation through the 2011 Triple Disaster. See flyer for more details. This course has filled.

Winter-Spring 2021: Online Seminar: Korea (1945-Present): Division and Globalization. January 21 – April 7, 2021.

This 4-module seminar considers the impacts of the Korean War, Cold War ideologies, and globalization on the development of Korea, 1945 to the present. Participants examine primary and secondary sources that focus on the political, economic, and cultural trajectories of North and South Korea in the globalizing world and the future of the two Koreas. Open nationally to secondary teachers. Flyer and application. 



Winter-Spring 2021: NEW Online Book Group: Japan through Children’s Literature: Basho’s Edo Japan. January 29 – April 8, 2021.

This 3-module seminar features three picturebooks about Matsuo Bashō, a famous haiku poet and his home and environs in 17th-century Edo Japan. Participants will explore the geography of Edo Japan through the Edo arts of poetry and woodblock prints and discuss classroom applications for language arts and social studies. Open nationally to K-8 teachers. Flyer and application.

NCTA in Iowa-- plans for a Spring 2021 program for Iowa Social Studies Teachers!

Professional development opportunities that provide Iowa teachers with an opportunity to learn new content about East Asia and apply that new learning to their curriculum, with an emphasis on blending content, inquiry, and literacy skills as per the Iowa Social Studies Standards. Register to be notified of upcoming programs.

Fall 2020 Online Book Group: Japan through Children’s Literature: World War II Picture-book Biographies. September 25-November 30, 2020

This 16-hour book group will discuss the integration of biographies in social studies and literacy curriculum about wartime Japan and human rights. We will consider three picture-book biographies that depict respectively a Japanese diplomat, an atomic bomb survivor and a staff person in the Occupation General Headquarters. Includes a live author webnar. This course has filled.

Fall 2020 "Short Course:" Hong Kong on the Brink: Linking Book Discussion and Current Issues. September 28-November 21, 2020. This course has filled.

The political situation in Hong Kong changes daily as citizens struggle to preserve democratic rights and freedoms. In this six-week, 18-PD hour, NCTA course, participants will join with China speclalist Lauren Collins to explore the evolution and current status of the Hong Kong democracy movement from the origins of the 2014 Umbrella Movement to today. With China scholar Jeffrey Wasserstrom’s February 2020 book Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink as a foundation, the class will also consider essays by China specialists, investigative news reports, and podcasts. The course also features a live discussion with author Wasserstrom, offering an opportunity for discussion of breaking news. The course will take a one-week break Election Week, Nov.1-7. Flyer. This course has filled.

Fall 2020 Teaching the Impact of Japan's Invasion of Manchuria: The Lin Family Shop.

National Online Film and Literature Group:Teaching the Impact of Japan's Invasion of Manchuria: The Lin Family Shop. October 23 – November 10 .

Explore the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in the 1930s through discussions of Mao Dun’s story “The Shop of the Lin Family” (1932) and the film it inspired, directed by Shui Hua (1959).The 6-hour course is open to secondary (6-12) teachers who teach about China as part of their required curriculum.Flyer and application. This course has filled.


Fall 2020 - The Last Days of the KMT in Shanghai through Film and Memoir

National Online Film and Literature Group:The Last Days of the KMT in Shanghai through Film and Memoir. November 30 – December 16.Explore the last days of the Kuomintang in Shanghai in the late 1940s as this tumultuous time impacted local merchants and civilians. This discussion group will view the filmCrows and Sparrows,directed by Zheng Junli (1949) and read extracts from Helen Zia’sThe Last Boat out of Shanghai: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Fled Mao's Revolution.The 6-hour course is open to secondary (6-12) teachers who teach about China as part of their required curriculum.This course has filled.