Through the generous support of the Freeman Foundation, NCTA is now in its 24th year of programming. Nationally, NCTA offers a wide variety of professional development programming, including workshop series in classroom settings and online courses ranging from short webinars to full 30-hour courses. For a full list of NCTA offerings nationwide, visit our NCTA websiteAll NCTA courses and webinars offered by TEA at the University of Colorado provide a certificate of completion for professional development contact hours. TEA-NCTA courses over 10 hours also provide a small participant completion award. Add your name to the TEA mailing list to receive announcements of future online courses. 

Fall 2023 Offerings 

The NCTA National Coordinating Site at the Program for Teaching East Asia at the University of Colorado is offering online courses, book groups, and "pop-up" classes, open to teachers throughout the United States during Winter-Spring 2023. Grade level and teaching assignment priorities vary by course. Please link to each course flyer for specific details of class size, contact hours, and eligibility. Courses below are national unless otherwise indicated. Registration for Winter-Spring 2023 courses opens November 30, 2022.

Understanding Chinese Sources: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Kaiser Kuo. September 13, 8 pm ET

Webinar to support teachers in finding the best sources for materials about China for their classrooms. With so much information coming from so many different sources, what and whom do you believe? The analysts, academics, pundits, commentators or talking heads on TV? Register for this webinar and learn how to discern the good, the bad and the ugly sources. This course is now full.

Chinese Literature through History, Part 1: Yuan, Ming, Qing. September 21 - November 8

This online course examines literary writings from China’s Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties (1271-1911). Participating teachers will become acquainted with important pieces of literature that reflect the time periods and offer important windows into Chinese society and culture.  The course is open to secondary (6-12) teachers who teach about China as part of their required curriculum. This course is now full.

Teaching Korea through Young Adult Literature: K-Pop Revolution. September 21 - November 8.

Stephan Lee's inside look at a rookie idol's experiences introduces young aruld readers to aspects of Korean culture and society and the complex world of K-Pop idols, fans and industry. Through this 20-hour seminar featuring the YA novel, K-Pop Revolution, middle and high school teachers will explore the concept of globalization both as it relates to developing cosmopolitan readers with YA literature in language arts and K-pop as a case study of Korean society, economics, and culture in social studies.

Japan in the World: Premodern History. September 28 - November 15

24-hour online course for middle and high school world history teachers nationwide. The course will look at historical developments in premodern Japan (650-1850) applying world history themes such as power relations and the movement and interactions of ideas, people, and materials. Content will address the World History Content Standards and AP World History Course Guidelines.

Teaching Natural Sciences through Picture Books Part 1: China and Taiwan. October 5 - November 30.

This program is aimed at elementary teachers and middle school teachers interested in integrating picture books into science and/or social studies instruction. The course will focus on the teaching of the natural sciences and the cultures of China and Taiwan. The three books featured address specific standards in life science, earth science, and social studies. By using these picture books that deliver the content with accuracy, teachers will help students gain literacy and visual skills as they read and examine the materials. Details and application.

A Big Mooncake for Little Star with author Grace Lin. October 24, 7pm ET.

Webinar with Grace Lin, author and illustrator of A Big Mooncake for Little Star. Details and Registration.