The Untold Story of Ralph Carr and the Japanese: Fate of 3 Japanese-Americans and the Internment is a one-hour documentary that explains Colorado Governor Ralph Carr’s unpopular political stance to welcome Japanese-Americans to Colorado during World War II and its effect on the lives of three Japanese Americans. Interviewees include: Robert Fuchigami; Herbert Inoue; Mitchie Terasaki; as well as, actor George Takei; Akemi Kikumura Yano, former Japanese American National Museum President/CEO; former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter; author and journalist Adam Schrager; and Governor Carr’s granddaughter, Catherine Carr Lynch. The film questions the constitutionality of the internment and its impact on and fracturing of Japanese American families and community. Produced by Fujisankei Communications International, the film can be viewed in English or Japanese.

TEA is grateful to the Nikkeijinkai of Colorado who will mail Colorado K-12 teachers a copy free of charge.

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