Published: May 26, 2021

Traveling during the pandemic is something that for many seemed like a nightmare and at moments for me too. The numerous news outlets would not allow you to forget about how impossible and appalling it would be to travel during these unprecedented times. However, when tragedy hits, there might not be an option.

My dad got the news that his mother, 87 years-old, was very sick and they did not know how much longer she will live. The first reaction that anyone would have would be to go and be with her. That would be under normal conditions, but with the Corona Virus going around is there anything that can really be done? Specially to fly internationally? It seemed impossible. Our sadness became deeper as we did not even know if we would get to see my grandma. Thinking of the last goodbye, the last hug, the last kiss, seemed like we could never have that closing. We felt hopeless. As we did research, apparently we were able to travel to Argentina because we are citizens, but with a two-week quarantine. Sadly, in two weeks a lot could have happen and if my grandma’s health deteriorated during that time, my family could not do anything about it. 

As we were checking every hour and minute to see if there were any changes, they thankfully changed their procedures to only needing a negative covid test. What a miracle! There was finally hope in the long tunnel that seemed to last an eternity. We were able to fly! My family and I honestly did not think that we could ever come back home; we did not know if they will close the borders or have heavy travel restrictions. But we were willing to take that sacrifice just to see my grandma. The way that the news portrayed Argentina was somewhere that there were strict quarantine laws because of so many people that were dying of the virus. Even though this has its truth and Argentina was in strict quarantine for more months than the United States; it was not as horrible as it was being portrayed, a fearing agenda was being put into the hearts of the people. As soon as we arrived, we saw that we were lied to. The news would portray people dying because of few economic resources, which is true, but it is also true that our plane was filled with people that recently went to Disney World. The portrayal of the situation on television and the reality was drastic. 

Once we arrived at the airport in Buenos Aires, we were surprised how many people were out and having few regards to the corona virus policies. The news would show the empty streets and many people in the hospitals, when in reality public transportation was open and hundreds of people in the shopping malls. I would have never traveled during the pandemic if it were for another reason, but it was eye opening to see all the lies that the media allowed us to believe. 

The city was basically normal. Yes, there was social distancing, wearing mask, and temperature checks in every store, but we were allowed to move around. I am glad that my family and I did not buy into the lies of the media, and we were able to travel. Argentina’s portrayal of the whole pandemic, that was managed loosely, caused for the citizens to feel that they do not have hope and there is not much that can be done. It saddened our hearts to see many people going through a hard situation, not just because of the pandemic, but because of the governments lack on assisting people. 

The government did give some monetary help, but it was extremely insignificant, especially with the rise of inflation. By knowing that not one of the government’s goals during the pandemic was to help people, the people took that role upon themselves. In the Wuhan Diary, on day February 19, 2020, it would show how groups of young people would help out their community. I was able to do something similar. With a local church, we were able to deliver food and essential products to people that already struggled enough before the pandemic. It was great to help the community to have a source of stable food income. I am thankful for all the selfless people that risked their lives in order to help during the pandemic: medical workers, church members and everyone that put their lives on the line for strangers. There is hope in humanity. Even if the government does little to nothing for his people, the people can pick up the slack and allow for the country to come out of this situation.