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Views of a Society in Transformation

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This module focuses on the Tokugawa period, 1603-1868.

Tokugawa Japan materials:

To use “A Case Study of Tokugawa Japan Through Art: Views of a Society in Transformation,” you will need to download woodblock prints by Ando Hiroshige. Links to these prints are provided in the Tokugawa Japan Online Image List.

After you have selected these nine images, you may handle them in one of several ways:

  1. if you have an LCD projector, save the images to your computer and project them for analysis by students; 
  2. if you have ample computers in your classroom, download the images and load them on the classroom computers for student use in pairs or small groups;
  3. if you have ample computers with Internet access in the classroom, have students use the Tokugawa Japan Online Image List to go directly to the images referenced above; or 
  4. make sets of the images in hard copy.


This project is funded by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.


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