Call for Submissions for Jews of Color in the United States: A Reader for Scholars and Communities

We invite your submissions for a reader exploring the experience of Jews of Color in the United States. The collection will include both communal and scholarly voices. We are therefore open to a wide range of writing styles and genres, including academic essays, personal essays, journalistic writing, sermons, poetry, and rituals. Topically, we seek to include a broad range of pieces. These might describe personal life, family history, communities of Jews of Color, experiences of Jews of Color in predominantly white Jewish spaces, histories of Jews of Color, or rituals designed by and for Jews of Color. We are also interested in more theoretical pieces that could consider questions related to method, terminology, boundaries, antisemitism, critical race theory, and more. There is no minimum word count, and the maximum word count for longer pieces is 6,000 words, and previously published pieces may be submitted for consideration. The collection will be edited by Rabbi Sandra Lawson, SooJi Min Maranda, Samira Mehta, and Sarah Imhoff. 

To participate, please submit a proposal to and to by May 31, 2023. We will let you know whether your proposal has been accepted by July 1, 2023, and final submissions are due by December 14, 2023.