Yassmeen Youssef
PhD Student
Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate institution: Northeastern University

Yassmeen Youssef is a North African, first-generation PhD student in mechanical engineering. While pursuing her bachelor's degree at Northeastern University, Yassmeen completed various internships at NASA, Boeing and GE Aerospace. She was involved in several research projects, including materials research with Randall Erb at the DAPS Lab and biomedical research with Antonie Van Den Bogert at Cleveland State University. Yassmeen also held several positions of leadership at Northeastern University's chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, where she helped connect the student membership with research and industry opportunities, as well as fostered the next generation of engineers through high school programming. Yassmeen's goal is to help underrepresented youth believe in their potential to excel at their passions. She believes that everyone deserves to see themselves in any profession, and hopes to someday be a role model that can inspire young engineers. Yassmeen's research interests are in developing computational fluid dynamic simulations that can accurately model hypersonic combustion. Through her GEM fellowship with NASA, Yassmeen hopes to gain both industry and research experience in CFD that can help guide her research topic. In her free time, Yassmeen enjoys reading fantasy books, rock climbing, traveling and baking.