Shantae Gallegos
PhD Student
Biomedical Engineering Program

Undergraduate institution: University of New Mexico

Shantae Gallegos is a Hispanic, first-generation PhD student in biomedical engineering. Shantae was involved in a series of impactful research projects at the University of New Mexico. Through the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, she aided in the synthesizing and 3D printing of biopolymers with implications in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. This project began a desire for her to use her chemical engineering (ChemE) background to push the boundaries of scientific discovery for medical advancement. Shantae secured a pivotal internship at Sandia National Laboratories. This opportunity refined her capacity to address intricate challenges through the application of the scientific method, granted her access to state-of-the-art technologies, and exposed her to progressive environment that nurtured collaborative research. Shantae's overarching goal is to leverage her undergraduate background in ChemE to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine. By pursuing a PhD in biomedical engineering, she hopes to develop novel technologies and methodologies that will transform medical treatments and patient care. Through her journey she hopes to inspire others, echoing her belief that anyone, regardless of background, can excel in the fields of science and engineering.