Mario Dueñas
PhD Student
Department of Physics

Undergraduate institution: California State University East Bay

Mario Dueñas is a first-generation, Latino PhD student in physics. While attending California State University East Bay, Mario was involved in multiple research projects, most recently working on Yb nagnetometers advised by Leo Hollberg at Stanford University, previously working on THz spectroscopy of semiconductors advised by Ryan Smith at Cal State East Bay, researched methods of measuring the Newtonian gravitational constant advised by Brian D’Urso at Montana State University, and dark matter research using their magnetometer data advised by Derek Kimball at Cal State East Bay. Mario wants to continue promoting science and attracting society to the great mysteries in STEM, specifically gearing his attention to groups of POC and low-income. Meanwhile, Mario will pursue a PhD in physics, concentrated in the field of atomic molecular optics. In his free time, Mario enjoys exploring the city, gym or ultimate frisbee, traveling, and interacting/understanding different cultures. Mario’s research interests are neutral atom traps/ion traps for applications in quantum computing, atom interactions in special relativity, and electric dipole-dipole interactions.