Christine Gleicher
PhD Student
Environmental Engineering Program

Undergraduate institution: University of New Mexico

Christine Gleicher is a Latina, first-generation PhD student in environmental engineering. While attending the University of New Mexico, she participated in various research projects and groups ranging from finding new surface disinfectants to help relieve the negative impacts of COVID-19 with Eva Chi to investigating fungi that can potentially clean up toxic mine waste with Anjali Mulchandani. She believes in providing support and mentorship for minority students and actively participating in her community, which will continue in her pursuit for a PhD. She is a Barry M. Goldwater Scholar, McNair & ROP scholar, and a NSF GRFP fellow. Her research interests are in microbiology, organic chemistry, and environmental science. In her free time, she enjoys indoor and outdoor rock climbing, hiking, traveling, reading, and hanging out with her three younger brothers.