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Graduate Student
Quantum Nanophotonics Group

Project Description

The project involves design, fabrication, and test of quantum microwave, acoustic, and optical components. Most urgent need is related to superconducting matching networks to efficiently and coherently transfer electrical signals to the acoustic cavities. This requires extensive use of modelling software such as SONNET. Interfacing between the fabricated device at 20mK with room temperature electronics and lasers will also be necessary. Modelling, understanding, and presentation of acquired data will also be performed. This supports the NIST mission of establishing the science and technology of future quantum networks through development of quantum receivers and transducers.  The research project is experimental.

Research Interests

Quantum transduction, Surface acoustic wave, InAs quantum dot

Selected Publications

  1. DeCrescent, R. , Wang, Z. , Imany, P. , Boutelle, R. , McDonald, C. , Autry, T. , Teufel, J. , Nam, S. and Mirin, R. (2022), Tightly Confined Surface Acoustic Waves as Microwave-to-Optical Transduction Platforms in the Quantum Regime, Physical Review Applied, [online],, (Accessed July 13, 2023)
  2. Imany, P. , Wang, Z. , DeCrescent, R. , Boutelle, R. , McDonald, C. , Autry, T. , Berweger, S. , Kabos, P. , Nam, S. , Mirin, R. and Silverman, K. (2022), Quantum phase modulation with acoustic cavities and quantum dots, Optica, [online],, (Accessed July 13, 2023)