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Senior Research Fellow
Magnetic Imaging Group

Project Description

The Magnetic Imaging Group (686.08) will be exploring new fabrication protocols for creating smart contrast agents. They will explore potentially scalable, bottom up fabrication protocols with the aim of mass-production of MR addressable contrastagents and sensors. In addition, they will characterize the sensors both structurally and magnetically. Structural characterization will use optical and electron microscopy. Magnetic characterization will be performed using magnetometry and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Research Interests

Magnetic Nanotechnology, Biomagnetic Imaging, Biosensing

Selected Publications

S. D. Oberdick, S. J. Dodd, A. P. Koretsky, G. Zabow, “Shaped magnetogel microparticles for multispectral resonance contrast and sensing.” ACS Sensors, 9 (1), 42-51 (2024).

S. D. Oberdick, K. V. Jordanova, J. T. Lundstrom, G. Parigi, M. E. Poorman, G. Zabow, K. E. Keenan. “Iron oxide nanoparticles as positive T1 contrast agents for low-field magnetic resonance imaging at 64 mT.” Scientific Reports, 13, 11520 (2023).

S. D. Oberdick, J. A. Borchers, K. L. Krycka. “Magnetic correlations of iron oxide nanoparticles as probed by polarized SANS in stretched magneto-elastomer composites.” Applied Physics Letters, 120 (5), 05240 (2022).

CV - Samuel Oberdick