Headshot of Paul Szypryt in front of a wooden wall.
Senior Research Fellow
Quantum Calorimeters Group

Project Description

NIST scientists are working to develop energy resolving spectrometers implementing arrays of superconducting microcalorimeter sensors for single-photon counting spectroscopy.  NIST utilizes these microcalorimeters for experimental research into measurements of highly charged ions and in an x-ray tomography microscope.  Highly charged ions are a way to measure atomic structure and study high energy plasmas, and NIST maintains the database on these measurements and transitions.  NIST is developing new 3D tools based on x-ray tomography of integrated circuits in support of the microelectronics industry and intelligence community.

Research Interests

Quantum calorimeters and readout electronics development and applications, transition-edge sensors (TES), microwave kinetic inductance detectors (MKID), thermal kinetic inductance detectors (TKID), nonlinear kinetic inductance devices