Paritosh Manurkar in front of a gray background.
Senior Research Fellow
Electromagnetic Fields Group

Project Description

Conduct research into traceable, mmWave, wideband modulated signal sources.  He will help extend the study and use of this novel source to 94, 72, and 28 GHz, while helping to automate and speed up the data taking/signal processing procedures.  These are key research topics for 5g communications. Improving the turnaround time for results is necessary to push the research forward.  Also, the results of his work at 72 GHz will be used in extending the traceability of the modulated signal source into free space which will be a key calibration source for next generation over-the-air testing in the communications industry.  Finally, his work at 28 GHz will connect to proposed work with industry partners on phased array sources.

Research Interests

Wireless metrology, millimeter-wave modulated-signal sources, traceable over-the-air measurements.