Students in the 2018 Pathways to Excellence summer intensive program attended class, created their own advertising campaigns and compiled reporting for multimedia projects all while fostering a tight-knit community with faculty, staff and students at the university. 

In advertising, students created advertising campaigns that aimed to erase social stigma by changing the discourse around topics like gender, social class and ethnicity. 

The journalistic multimedia projects gave students an opportunity to dissect shame and stigma through a social justice lens. Each group took on one of the following topics and produced a multimedia package with a written story, a video and graphics:

Students also worked with 360 video technology and virtual reality and gained hands-on experience with videography, video editing, interviewing, reporting and designing. 


Nathaniel Nash

Photos: Days 6 & 7

July 16, 2018

View photos from days six and seven.

Lauren, Conner and Katie

Photos: Day 5

July 16, 2018

View photos from day five.

Patrick Clark

Photos: Days 3 & 4

July 16, 2018

View photos from days three and four of the program.

Lauren Irwin

Photos: Day 2

July 11, 2018

View photos from the second day of the 2018 program.

Trinity, Alondra and Bella

Photos: Day 1

July 11, 2018

Check out photos from the first day of the 2018 Pathways to Excellence program.