Outreach Associate

Daniela Battaglioli is a scientist and creative, having received degrees in chemistry from the University of Denver and climate science & policy from UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She is passionate about the nexus of art, communication and sustainability. Her unique background combines traditional scientific practice with a nuanced understanding of policy and a long-standing love for art and design. 

Daniela has previously assessed policy options for the City of Del Mar, California to reach 100% renewable energy. Her white paper and public presentation helped inform the city council about their options in reaching their sustainability goals. Ultimately, the City voted unanimously to allocate funding for renewable energy policy, moving Del Mar one step closer to full decarbonization. This experience sparked Daniela’s love for working with public institutions to accelerate positive environmental and social change. 

Having recently moved back home to Colorado, Daniela is excited to be working with NEST Studio for the Arts at CU Boulder as it perfectly marries her passions. She will be acting as the project’s outreach associate, helping to build NEST’s recognition and impact within and beyond the Boulder community.