There are a huge number of resources available at CU Boulder. This page is designed in order to increase awareness of these campus resources. This is not a comprehensive list. If you have a CU based resource you recommend adding to this list, please contact


Academic Resources

The Writing Center

Free Peer Tutoring | Academic Success and Achievement Program

Inclusion Based Resources

Student Events

Student Organizations

Center for Inclusion and Social Change

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Physical and Mental Health Resources & Accomodations

Student Testing Center

Health and Wellness Services

Disability Services

Medical Services


Counseling & Psychiatric Services

CU Red Folder - Staff & Faculty Resrouce for Students in Crisis

Course Registration Resources

Office of the Registrar

Arts & Sciences Academic Advising

Exploratory Studies Academic Advising

College of Music Academic Advising

School of Education Academic Advising

Student and Career Development Resouces

Student Affairs

Career Services