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Kristen Drybread,  Ph.D.

2008 Columbia University, Ph.D. Sociocultural Anthropology

My research centers on the ways that race and class have historically intersected in both the definition and the punishment of crime in the Americas. On the one hand, I study the factors that combine to render acts of political, financial and sexual corruption practiced by elite white men unrecognizable as crimes. On the other, I examine the factors that contribute to making economically and racially marginalized youths appear to be both dangerous and disposable. I have conducted ethnographic research in prisons and courts in the United States and Brazil.

While in graduate school, I worked as a fact checker and reporter for magazines including Gourment, Self, Saveur, and Glamour. I have written for these outlets as well as ESPN, TimeOut New York, The Guardian, HuffPost, and more.