PhotoNameContact Information
Tyler Alpern Tyler Alpern
Libby RAP Senior Instructor
Karen Auvinen Karen Auvinen, Phd.
Libby RAP Instructor
Martin Babicz Martin Babicz, Phd.
Instructor, History
Mike Barnett Mike Barnett
Lecturer, Music
Leslee Broersma Leslee Broersma
Libby RAP Senior Instructor
Portrait photo of Kevin Crowe Kevin Crowe, Phd.
Lecturer, Theatre
Alex Fobes Alexander Fobes, Phd.
Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric
Donna Louie Donna Louie, Phd.
Libby RAP Instructor
Tiel Lundy Tiel Lundy, Phd.
Libby RAP Instructor
Maputo Mensah Maputo Mensah
Lecturer, African Dance
Photo of Cecilia Pang, Faculty Director of Libby Residential Academic Program Cecilia J. Pang, Phd.
Janet Robinson Janet Robinson
Libby RAP Senior Instructor
Vijaya Sharma Vijaya Sharma, Phd.
Libby RAP Instructor
Michael Zerella Michael Zerella, Phd.
Libby RAP Instructor, Philosophy