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The Libby Arts RAP is a vibrant living community that unites several arts disciplines and core requirement options in one program offering curriculum where creative minds come alive.  CREATIVITY is essential in today's rapidly changing world for developing strategies that benefit humankind.   Our mission is to foster the students to become creative leaders and active and engaged citizens of tomorrow.  

Libby RAP classes satisfy core, major, or elective requirements and are taught in Libby Hall by faculty with demonstrated excellence in teaching. Class sizes are limited to 19 students. Our CURRICULUM include classes in dance, drawing, painting, writing, film studies, digital art, and music, as well as a range of popular core classes such as anthropology, economics, math, nutrition, and philosophy.

Libby RAP COMMUNITY exposes students to a variety of co-curricular activities and arts and crafts events such as museum visits, theater performances, and movie nights.  Libby RAP also hosts an annual trip to New York City, the New York City Arts Adventure.

Students who choose Libby RAP are required to take at least one course in the RAP each semester.There is an annual non-refundable fee for participation. The RAP has a limited number of need-based scholarships to help cover the fee, and interested students should contact Libby RAP for guidance in applying.