Independent study

The DEL (Development, Education, and Learning) Laboratory, directed by Dr. Lei Yuan from the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience is seeking motivated undergraduate students to join our lab as independent study students in Fall 2022. Our lab’s mission is to advance theories of cognition by studying the mechanisms by which humans learn and develop. By working in our lab, the independent study students will learn about the research questions we ask, the theoretical backgrounds, and the methods we use to investigate our questions — such as using eye-tracking to study children and adults’ attention patterns during learning and using computational modeling to ask whether AI systems can learn in ways that are analogous to humans. For more information about us and our current projects, we invite students to visit our lab webpage at https://www.colorado.edu/lab/del/.

We are seeking curious students who are motivated to assist us with and learn more about our research. Given that our developmental research involves working with children, we prefer applicants with experience working with children between one and seven years of age. The students will likely engage with various tasks related to cognitive development research, including but not limited to literature review, designing experimental stimuli, recruiting participants, conducting behavioral and eye-tracking experiments, data analysis, and preparing presentations. The students will have ample opportunity to interact with members of the lab—including the PI, other graduate and master’s students—through regular meetings and discussions. These experiences will be very valuable for undergraduate students who aim to pursue a future career in research and/or graduate schools.

To apply for this independent study opportunity for fall 2022, please follow the following steps:

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you! Interested in joining us but have questions? Get in touch here: Dellab@colorado.edu 

A list of past mentees and their current affiliations: 

  • Violet Zhang: Doctoral student at Stanford University Department of Psychology
  • Kesha Kandoi: Doctoral student at Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Emily Johns: Doctoral student in School Psychology at the University of Missouri
  • Ella Tommer: Post-Bac at Johns Hopkins Medical School 
  • Ivy Sullivan: Teach for America and graduate student
  • Haley Meekhof: Doctoral student at IUPUI School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
  • Joseph Stoica: Master's student at Indiana University Department of Statistics
  • Blanca Saldivar: EdS student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology