Lucile Vleugels
Graduate Student

Research Statement: Lucile is driven by a deep curiosity about how humans acquire knowledge. She is focused on the learning mechanisms that enable us to extract relational patterns in the systems of information that make up the world around us. She is also intrigued by how language structures influence learning and if attentional patterns—measured through eye tracking—reflect these structural characteristics. Her research seeks to bridge theory with practice, guiding the development of innovative educational tools and technologies.

Bio: During my undergraduate years at Rutgers University, I delved into human language processes through Cognitive Science and Spanish studies. Upon graduation, I collaborated with an interdisciplinary team at Microsoft to refine a dynamic conversational AI system. As a Machine Learning Data Analyst lead, I worked on improving model accuracy and managing the nuances of data production life cycles. My curiosity about human-machine interactions steered me to the Creative Technology and Design MS program at CU Boulder's ATLAS Institute. After participating in a proseminar led by Dr. Yuan, I quickly realized the potential to align my research interests with the groundbreaking work at the DEL Lab. Today, I'm privileged to delve into the intricacies of cognition alongside Dr. Yuan and our talented research team, collectively pushing the boundaries of understanding in our field.