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Depression among mothers during pregnancy and the postpartum period is a major public health problem, with consequences that can be enduring for women and their children. Women who have experienced depression in the past are at increased risk for the return of depression during this time, relative to women without a history of depression. The good news is that we have learned specific skills and knowledge, through many scientific studies, that can help people prevent depression from coming back and that can help with symptoms of depression that linger. Our groundbreaking work with an approach called Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), in particular, has demonstrated that women can learn these skills and put them into practice in ways that help them stay well during pregnancy and early parenting. Based on this work, we developed the Mindful Mood Balance for Moms program to connect women with training in these skills that can prevent depressive relapse and promote well-being for both themselves and their children. This development has been a close partnership with our friends and collaborators Dr. Zindel Segal at the University of Toronto, Scarborough and Dr. Sherryl Goodman at Emory University, as well as with our team of researchers and moms at Kaiser Permanente Colorado. In our current work, we are evaluating the potential benefits of MMB for Moms compared with usual care that women receive in their communities.