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Research/Teaching Assistant


I am a fifth-year graduate student in the physics department at CU Boulder. My research explores the physical mechanisms responsible for the self-assembly and length regulation of biological matter via a computer simulation. To this end, I developed the Cytoskeleton Lattice-based Kinetic Simulator (CyLaKS). CyLaKS is a C/C++ kinetic Monte Carlo-Brownian Dynamics (kMC-BD) simulation framework designed to fill the large gap between atomistic simulations and coarse-grained cytoskeletal frameworks, which focus on larger-scale assemblies. I currently use CyLaKS to study long-range coupling between molecular motors.


  • BS Physics, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 2016

Honors and Awards

  • Dr. Michael F. Martens Award for achievement in physics, 2014 & 2015

  • 1st place in West Chester University’s 5th annual Integration Bee, 2013