Picture of Jeffrey Moore
Research Assistant

Office: Duane F-517


My current research includes building coarse-grained models and simulations of cytoskeletal filaments and their associated motor proteins with the aim of better understanding the role of cytoskeleton dynamics in the cell life cycle. Recent work includes modeling cytoskeletal filaments as worm-like chains, allowing us to simulate filaments that bend and buckle in systems with Brownian motion, and modeling the alignment and positioning of microtubule asters (including mitotic spindles in yeast cells) using forces driven by microtubule dynamic instability and motor proteins at the cell cortex.


  • BS Physics with Honors, Summa Cum Laude, University of Iowa, 2014

Honors and Awards

  • NIH/CU Molecular Biophysics Training Scholarship, 2017
  • Butcher Innovation Award, 2016
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, 2014
  • Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Fellowship, 2013
  • Charles A. Wert Research Scholarship, 2011