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Professor Attendant Rank

Office: DUAN F515


I'm interested in the equilibrium and nonequilibrium self-organization of soft condensed matter, including liquid crystals, colloids, and biomaterials. My research involves the use of computer simulation and modeling to advance basic understanding of a variety of problems in materials physics and biophysics, including nanostructure formation in bent-core liquid crystals, clustering instabilities and complex phase behavior in soft colloids, the nonequilibrium steady state behavior of active liquid crystalline matter, mechanisms of charge transport in liquid crystalline semiconductors, and two-dimensional fluid physics in free-standing smectic liquid crystalline films. I'm also interested in the first-principles design of organic materials and in the development of novel coarse-graining methods for molecular simulation.


  • PhD, Physics, University of Colorado Boulder, 1991
  • MS Physics, University of Nevada, 1985
  • BS Physics, Michigan State University, 1980

Honors and Awards

  • Affiliate, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, 2009-present
  • Task Force Member, BioFrontiers Institute, 2007-present
  • Editorial Board, Physical Review E, 2003-2006
  • Fellow, Soft Materials Research Center, 1998-present
  • NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1993
  • University of Colorado Graduate Fellowships 1984, 1986, 1988