Our Community Studies courses educate, equip and inspire students for careers serving humanity and the environment. In each course, students will experience a sense of community in the classroom.  We limit our class size so that we can enhance connections among students, and deepen opportunities for learning and be responsible to the Community Partners with whom we serve. INVST Community Studies has always offered small classes for an intimate, transformational learning experience.

INVST courses open to all CU students:

INVS 1000: Responding to Social and Environmental Problems through Service-Learning:  By integrating theory with required community service, students explore how problems are shaped by cultural values and how alternative value paradigms affect the definition of problems in areas such as education, food justice, and the environment. Students examine different approaches to solving problems and begin to envision new possibilities. 

INVS 2919/EDUC 2919: Renewing Democracy in Communities and Schools:  This service-learning course might change your life! Examines concepts of citizenship, democracy, power, inclusivity, and diversity through classroom discussions and participation in a local Public Achievement project. Through community-based partnerships, students will develop leadership skills; dialogue with diverse groups of people; identify multiple perspectives around controversial issues, and learn to use research and writing to articulate public problems and advocate for positive solutions.

INVS 3302/WGST 3302: Facilitating Peaceful Community Change:  Students gain knowledge and skills that enable them to become effective and responsible community leaders. Focuses on understanding the processes of community building with an emphasis on privilege, power, oppression and democratic processes in small groups and organizations. Students are encouraged to apply concepts and theories to life experiences and to examine themselves as potential change agents. Focus on food justice, sustainability, activism and social justice. Same as WGST 3302.

INVS 4402: Nonviolent Social Movements:  Explores theories of democracy in relation to movements for nonviolent social change. Focuses on means and ends, spirituality, leadership, decision-making, civil society and decentralized power.


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Annie and Diana with Sam Fuqua

Civic Engagement!  INVST students Diana Downard & Annie Brashear being interviewed by Sam Fuqua at KGNU Community Radio