Published: June 7, 2017 By

 Joshua McNulty Seeks the Skills to Make Positive ChangeJoshua McNulty joins The INVST Community Leadership Program as a new student in the Class of 2017-2019.

As a new student in INVST, I am excited to embark upon this learning experience.  Currently, I am a music major at the University of Colorado Boulder and am interested in getting involved with community-based work. As a musician, I am passionate about how music can be used as a tool for promoting social change.

Through my training in INVST, I seek to discover how music and community work can be combined. As an individual, I am motivated to become affiliated with work that promotes environmental justice and social sustainability. Through INVST, I am excited to learn from real-life experiences with community work and activism. This kind of training will help me develop a better understanding of how I could use my skills as a musician within the context of social and community work. Furthermore, by being engaged in activist work, I seek to learn more about how social issues affect communities and what can be done to lessen negative consequences.

Through my training in INVST, I strive to develop my skills as a public speaker. In the past, I have tended to shy away from speaking in public. This is a necessary skill set to develop for being an effective community leader. How can one be a truly engaging leader if they are unable to address groups of people convincingly? Being in INVST will give me a unique opportunity to strengthen my public speaking skills.

Due to the variety of social problems that continue to persist, it is important that individuals continue to work towards creating a just world. Without individual and group efforts, the social issues that plague society will persist. I am passionate about becoming involved with work that promotes sustainability.

Through my actions, I seek to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Being a part of the INVST program will give me a great opportunity to make a difference. I am grateful that I am able to participate in the INVST organization.

Joshua McNulty is just about to begin a two-year curriculum with INVST. Beginning in July with the Climate Justice Summer, he and 17 cohort mates will travel in 3 states in the US Southwest, learning about the coal industry, natural gas, rural economies, climate change, and sustainable innovation.