Published: June 7, 2017

David Hinojosa is a musician and a change maker.David Hinojosa is a musician and a change maker. He is following his passion for world music through a creative career in recording and performance for social justice, international understanding, collaboration, communication and peace. David -- also a father -- sees this as the highest use of his talents and passion for music, as well as a way to be a role model for his son.

David is beginning a new business venture by co-founding ID Music Productions in Broomfield, Colorado. He has had a successful career performing all over the world as a dancer and drummer. David is now using his talents as he engages in community leadership and activism, including participating in a recent community gathering regarding strategy and skills for supporting and allying with Native Communities at Standing Rock, with the Sioux Tribe in North Dakota.

David attributes his focus on making a living while making a positive difference to skills he learned and values he cultivated while he was an INVST student from 2007 - 2009.

He says, “INVST holds a significant place in my heart and life. As I approach the world in personal life, career, fatherhood, relationship, and every other aspect of being, INVST continues to play a critical role in my understanding of the world and how to best step forward as a gentle leader who engages in compassionate action. While my career path has unfolded in many different ways, the core ideals of working to create a more just and sustainable world are ingrained into my being. I focus on my heart path, my passions, my ideals and the path unfolds. Thank you, INVST, for everything that you are to me and to the thousands more that you will continue to touch.”