Raeghan Mueller

Graduate Student

B.A., Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2014.

PhD., Behavioral Neuroscience. Expected graduation: 2022


Research Interests

I’m interested in clinical research regarding mental health, addiction, neuropharmacology, and epigenetics. I’m also interested in the biological mechanisms underlying stress, inflammation and inflammatory diseases. Neuroinflammation has been shown to impact aspects of mental health and may influence addictive states. I would like further my understanding of how reducing overall inflammation and neuroinflammation caused by addiction could negate the various negative outcomes and resulting relapse, specifically regarding alcohol abuse.

Cannabis has also been a research interest of mine because it has been shown to reduce inflammation and has shown to have anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties. Currently, I am studying how cannabis affects the immune system in terms of stress and anxiety and how it influences inflammatory biomarkers. Additionally, I am taking into consideration how different cannabis strains based off its unique cannabinoid and terpenoid content can influence stress, pain, and cognition.

About Me

I am the typical Boulder resident; I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, camping and hot yoga, though, a good portion of my time is taken up by my two Jack Russell Terriers, which require lots of attention and entertainment.