Published: Oct. 29, 2019

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Faculty and students affiliated with the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder will be presenting work at the CSCW 2019 conference, the premiere venue for research on computer-supported cooperative work and social computing. The conference will be held in Austin, TX, November 9 - 13. Full papers are published in the journal Proceedings of the ACM: Human-Computer Interaction.


The Coerciveness of the Primary Key: Infrastructure Problems in Human Services Work [Diversity & Inclusion Award]
Chris Bopp (ATLAS PhD candidate), Lehn Benjamin, and Amy Voida (INFO faculty)
Presentation: Wednesday @ 11am, room 408

Orienting to Networked Grief: Situated Perspectives of Communal Mourning on Facebook [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty), Gillian Hayes, Melissa Mazmanian
Presentation: Monday @ 4:30, room 415AB

Coming Out Okay: Community Narratives for LGBTQ Identity Recovery Work 
Brianna Dym (INFO PhD student), Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty), Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty), and Bryan Semaan. 
Blog Post
Presentation: Monday @ 11am, Salon E

"This Place Does What It Was Built For": Designing Digital Institutions for Participatory Change [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Seth Frey, P.M. Krafft, Brian Keegan (INFO faculty)
Presentation: Wednesday @ 9am, room 415AB

Moderation Challenges in Voice-based Online Communities on Discord
Aaron Jiang (INFO PhD student), Charles Kiene, Skyler Middler (INFO undergraduate), Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty), and Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty)
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Presentation: Tuesday @ 11am, room 406

The Dynamics of Peer-Produced Political Information During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign
Brian Keegan (INFO faculty)
Presentation: Monday @ 2:30, room 412

Technological Frames and User Innovation: Evidence from Online Community Moderation Teams
Charles Kiene, Aaron Jiang (INFO PhD student), and Benjamin Mako Hill
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Presentation: Monday @ 11am, Salon D

Is the Time Right Now?:’ Reconciling Sociotemporal Disorder in Distributed Team Work
Wendy Norris (INFO PhD student), Amy Voida (INFO faculty), Leysia Palen (INFO faculty), and Steve Voida (INFO faculty)
Presentation: Tuesday @ 9am, Salon E

"Am I Never Going to Be Free of All This Crap?" Upsetting Encounters With Algorithmically Curated Content About Ex-Partners
Anthony Pinter (INFO PhD student), Aaron Jiang (INFO PhD student), Katie Gach (ATLAS  PhD student), Jim Dykes (INFO PhD student), Melanie Sidwell (Media Studies MS student), and Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty)
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Presentation: Tuesday @ 4:30, Salon E

How Computers See Gender: An Evaluation of Gender Classification in Commercial Facial Analysis and Image Labeling Services [Best Paper Award]
Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD student), Jacob Paul (INFO undergraduate), and Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty)
Blog Post
CU Today Feature
Presentation: November 11 @ 2:30, Salon E

Content removal as a moderation strategy: Compliance and other outcomes in the ChangeMyView community
Kumar Bhargav Srinivasan (CS MS student), Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Chenhao Tan (CS faculty, INFO affiliate faculty)
Presentation: Tuesday @ 11am, room 406

Intergroup Contact in the Wild: Characterizing Language Differences between Intergroup and Single-group Members in NBA-related Discussion Forums
Jason Shuo Zhang (CS PhD Candidate), Chenhao Tan (CS faculty, INFO affiliate faculty), Qin Lv (CS faculty)
Blog Post
Presentation: Tuesday @ 4:30, room 406

Workshop Papers

Doing "Good" with Data? Understanding and Working Around Data Doubles in Human Services Organizations
CSCW 2019 Doctoral Consortium
Chris Bopp (ATLAS PhD candidate)

A Case for Reimagining the UX of Post-Mortem Profile Deletion
CSCW 2019 Workshop on Life Transitions and Social Technologies
Katie Gach (ATLAS PhD student)

Designing and Carrying Out Conscientious Research With Marginalized Groups
CSCW 2019 Workshop on Social Technologies for Digital Wellbeing Among Marginalized Communities
Anthony Pinter (INFO PhD student), Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD student), and Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty)

Operationalized Sentience for a Networked World
CSCW 2019 Workshop on Good Systems: Ethical AI for CSCW
Dianna Radpour (INFO PhD student)

Contesting Efficacy: Tensions Between Risk and System Efficacy in Facial Analysis Software
CSCW 2019 Workshop on Contestability In Algorithmic Decision Making
Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD student)

Researcher Positionality for Qualitative Interviews within Diverse Populations
CSCW 2019 Workshop on Qualitative Research for CSCW: Challenges and Opportunities
Kandrea Wade (INFO PhD student)

Workshops Organized

Qualitative Methods for CSCW: Challenges and Opportunities
Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty), Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty), Andrea Forte, Shion Guha, Nora McDonald, and Michael Muller

Volunteer Work: Mapping the Future of Moderation Research
Charles Kiene, Shagun Jhaver, Eshwar Chandrasekharan, Bryan Dosono, Brianna Dym (INFO PhD student), Sarah Gilbert, Aaron Jiang (INFO PhD student), Kat Lo, Joseph Seering, Kenny Shores, Yvette Wohn

Life Transitions and Social Technologies: Research and Design for Times of Life Change
Oliver Haimson, Bryan Semaan, Brianna Dym (INFO PhD student), Joey Chiao-Yin Hsiao, Daniel Herron, Wendy Moncur

Good Systems: Ethical AI for CSCW
Ken Fleischmann, Sherri Greenberg, Danna Gurari, Abby Stangl (ATLAS  PhD alum), Nitin Verma, Jaxsen Day, Rachel Simons, Tom Yeh (CS faculty, INFO affiliate  faculty)

CSCW 2019 Doctoral Consortium
Shaowen Bardzell and Bryan Semaan (Chairs); Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty), Steve Jackson, Neha Kumar, Andrea Parker Grimes (Mentors)