Published: Feb. 25, 2020

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Faculty and students affiliated with the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder will be presenting work at the ACM  SIGCSE 2020 conference, a premiere venue for research on computer science education. The conference will be held in Portland, OR, March 11-14.


What Do We Teach When We Teach Tech Ethics? A Syllabi Analysis
Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty), Natalie Garrett (INFO PhD student), Nathan Beard (ATLAS MS-ICTD alum)
Presentation: Thursday @ 2:10pm, B118
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Faculty Adoption of CS Education Innovations: Exploring Continued Use
Chris Hovey (INFO/NCWIT research scientist), Lecia Barker (INFO faculty)
Presentation: Friday @ 10:45am, C120

Linking Faculty Attitudes to Pedagogical Choices: Student-Centered Teaching in Introductory Computing Classes
Chris Hovey (INFO/NCWIT research scientist), Kathleen Lehman, Tiffani Riggers-Piehl
Presentation: Friday @ 11:35am, C120

Pre-Conference Symposia

NCWIT: Resources for Equity-Focused CS Education @ New Educators Wednesday Roundtable
Lecia Barker (INFO faculty)
Wednesday @ 4 pm, B115

Code, Cambridge Analytica, and Unintended Consequence @ Integrating Ethics and Social Responsibility in Computing Curricula Symposium
Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty)
Wednesday @ 1:30, D136


Broadening Participation in Computing through Transforming Media and Technologies 
Brianna Dym (INFO PhD student), Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty)
Friday @ 10am, Hall E

Ethics from the Start: Exploring Student Attitudes and Creating Interventions in Intro Programming Classes 
Natalie Garrett (INFO PhD student), Mikhaila Friske (INFO PhD student), Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty)
Friday @ 3pm, Hall E


Assignments That Blend Ethics and Technology 
Stacey Doore, Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty), Michael Kirkpatrick, Evan Peck, Mehran Sahami
Thursday @ 3:45pm, B113

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Computer Science Curricula (Birds of a Feather)
Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty)
Thursday @ 5:30, B115


Broadening Participation in Computing
Lecia Barker (INFO faculty) representing NCWIT, along with partners AccessComputingAccessCSforAllBroadening Advanced Technological Education ConnectionsSustainable Diversity in the Computing Research Pipeline AllianceThe Early Research Scholars ProgramInstitute for African American Mentoring in Computing SciencesLighthouseHFOSS EducationScratch EncoreSTARS Computing Corps; and Cyber Sleuth Science Lab
Exhibit Hall, Booth #308