Health Professions Residential Academic Program is designed for 1st and 2nd year students with interests in the life sciences areas of physiology, biology, neuroscience and related fields. The program offers a variety of courses that are typically taken by students in cognate majors and who have an interest in satisfying prerequisites for admission to healthcare professional programs after graduating. The primary requirement for residence in Kittredge West hall and the HPRAP is for each student to enroll in one or more HPRAP courses each semester. A second program requirement is the expectation that each student participate in HPRAP sponsored events as their schedules allow, as developing a sense of community and connecting with students who possess similar interests is essential to academic success. 

Who can apply? How much does it cost?

The program is open to students in the College of Arts & Sciences who have an interest in medicine and health care professions. Students with concerns about the program match are encouraged to contact HPRAP's Program Coordinator at to discuss program requirements and fit, specific to you. Students should be motivated to make an investment in a liberal arts education, whatever their chosen field of study. Contact CU Housing regarding admission to Kittredge West residence hall.

Students assisted with college financial aid who anticipate a need for financial assistance to participate in the HPRAP should call or write the Office of Financial Aid to request that their budget be adjusted to include the $425 HPRAP fee. Eligibility for aid will then be increased by the amount of the annual HPRAP fee. HPRAP does offer several paid leadership positions; to learn more about these unique opportunities, please contact for details.

Participation in HPRAP requires a $425 nonrefundable program fee per academic year to cover in-residence instruction, academic enrichment, and social activities. 

Participation Requirements

Students must be enrolled in at least one course with HPRAP in both the fall and the spring, and are asked to participate regularly in co-curricular hall activities.

Students working toward a degree typically take 12-16 credits (4-6 courses) each semester.  Registration for HPRAP courses will be facilitated by the program coordinator.