As part of the co-curricular enrichment available at Kittredge West hall, there will be multiple offerings throughout the course of the academic year to enhance academics related to Pre-Health studies and to the first-year community experience. Expect an opportunity to donate at a blood drive and to enroll into a stem-cell donor database. Our coordinator will design ways to connect with campus groups and activities relevant to the HPRAP's mission. While organized gatherings can vary from year to year, there are several signature events that are mainstays of the HPRAP community.

More about Fall Programs

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Signature Offerings: For Fall 2021 we hope to engage students in small group activities that are bonding while also ensuring the health & safety of our community.

Join friends, neighbors, and HPRAP instructors! You'll be in good company while refreshing yourself with warm drinks and snacks! Every week on Wednesday afternoon 3:30 to 4:30 pm our team provides coffee, chai, hot cocoa and a variety of treats to help you power through an afternoon of studying.

Held regularly in the Kitt West lobby area by instructors of biology and chemistry. Meant to facilitate for students a predictable study pattern so that memory and comprehension are developed through consistent behavior. Don't let those questions build up!

HPRAP partners with Pre-Health advising to support students as mentors and trusted allies. Workshops are tailored to respond to will center around choosing a health career, course selection, and ways to become a competitive applicant. These workshops are typically offered fall and spring semesters in HPRAP.

HPRAP offers Biology, Chemistry and Math tutoring in Kittredge West with our chosen tutors. Gain from the advice of experienced students; learn strategies to tailor your skills; prep for exams; expand your understanding as you progress through your academics.

Fall-Only Events

Every week on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm in the lobby you have an opportunity to learn about the educational paths and careers of speakers who have been successful in their areas of biomedical research and clinical healthcare, including doctors, physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists and others.

Join student event leaders and staff for a trip to Chautauqua Park and/or at other local trails! Experience the best hiking spots in Boulder, learn some of the history of our area, and enjoy a bit of cardio exercise!

Join staff, event leaders and instructors on a trip to the Boulder Farmer's Market. Learn about the unique foods that local Boulder growers provide, and discover the creativity in retail development that is at the heart of Boulder!