As part of the cocurricular enrichment available through the RAP, we offer multiple events throughout the course of the academic year, to enhance academics related to Pre-Health studies and to the first-year community experience. While individual events can vary from year to year, there are several signature events that are mainstays of the HPRAP community.

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Signature Events

Join your friends, neighbors, and HPRAP instructors! You'll be in good company with background music and soul-infusing coffee, tea, chai and snacks! Every week on Wednesday afternoon 3:30 to 4:30 pm our team provides coffee from Einstein's Bagels and a variety of treats to help you power through an afternoon of studying.

Every week on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm in the lobby you have an opportunity to learn about interesting methods, practices, and developments in medicine! Visiting experts share their knowledge and experiences unique to their professions.

Join your HPRAP scholars, friends, neighbors, and tutors for Sunday Study Sessions. On select Sundays every month, we have tutors available to help answer questions you may have on subject matter as you prepare to take your next exams.

HPRAP partners with Pre-Health advising to offer some of their mandatory workshops here, in the hall. Workshops will center around choosing a health career, course selection, and ways to become a competitive applicant. These workshops are typically offered fall and spring semesters in HPRAP.

HPRAP offers Biology and Chemistry tutoring in the Kittredge area for free! Take advice and learn strategies to tailor your skills before exams and to generally expland your understanding as you progress through your academics.

Fall-Only Events

Join your friends and the HPRAP crew for a fun evening at the Denver Zoo as part of their Zoo Lights experience!

Join Dr. Vigers for a trip to Chautauqua Park! Experience one of the best hiking spots in Boulder, learn about the history of Boulder, and enjoy a bit of cardio exercise!

Join Dr. Vigers on a trip to the Boulder Farmer's Market. Learn about the unique foods that local Boulder growers provide, and discover the creativity in retail development that is at the heart of Boulder!

Spring-Only Events

Join your neighbors and RAP team members for some fun in the snow!

Come with us to the Denver Aquarium, and see some amazing aquatic life!