HPRAP provides you with highly desirable courses, taught by expert teachers in a supportive atmosphere, where each individual is valued.

  • HPRAP students will take at least one course offered by the program each semester. As part of our unique HPRAP identity, our many course offerings allow most participants to choose a second HPRAP course.
  • Courses are taught on-site within our residence hall, with an average of only 20 students per class.
  • Courses range from basic science courses to courses on bioethics, global health policy, writing, and the social sciences.
  • As part of the HPRAP experience, faculty provide co-curricular activities to enhance the learning environment and integrate the Health Professions theme through experiences such as field trips and guest speakers.

Learn more about Arts and Sciences core curriculum requirements for Foreign Language, Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills, Written CommunicationHistorical Context, Human Diversity, United States Context, Literature and the Arts, Contemporary Societies, Ideals and Values, and Natural Science.