Welcome to HPRAP: The "Virtual" Tour

The Health Professions Residential Academic Program accommodates approximately 260 freshmen and returning sophomores. The philosophy of HPRAP is to provide a small liberal arts learning and living community for students particularly interested in healthcare and related professions. We offer 18-22 courses each semester that are selected to satisfy first year curricula for life sciences majors, and which also satisfy prerequisites for many professional schools in the healthcare fields. The most popular majors of HPRAP students are Integrative physiology, molecular and cellular biology, neuroscience, psychology, biochemistry and chemistry. We supplement the academic offerings here at HPRAP with a speaker series and activities that build a sense of community and promote intellectual and career exploration.

As students progress in their academic career, we invite them to continue their participation as an HPRAP member.  We provide leadership opportunities and advanced coursework benefiting our sophomore life sciences and pre-health students.