Last updated: 6/9/2017.

Who can apply for GC funds?

Any researcher or educator at CU Boulder can apply for funds, including non-tenure track personnel.

How will GC proposals be reviewed and selected?

Grand Challenge proposals will be reviewed by a panel of researchers and educators from both within the university and outside the university. For those proposals submitted as Initiatives ($1M/yr), we anticipate a down-selection to a small number of finalists. Teams for finalist proposals should anticipate additional engagement before a final selection is made.

What are the proposal review criteria?

There are four formal review criteria for GC proposals under the umbrella of “Our Space, Our Future” – Innovation, Transforming our Campus, Sustainability and Impact.  Please see the Call for Proposals page for more details.

Can GC budgets include subcontracts to outside entities?

No, GC funds are expected to stay on campus. Exceptions to this are travel funds to bring experts to campus or associated with workshops.

Is a 2-page NSF-style CV sufficient for submission?

Yes, a traditional NSF-style 2-page CV is acceptable.

If I am associated with a currently funded Grand Challenge effort (e.g., IRISS, Earth Lab, etc.), may I still apply?

Yes, as long as the proposal is distinct from the currently funded work.

If I have been funded for an IGP Seed Grant, can I seek continuation funding through Grand Challenge?

If the proposed work is sufficiently different from the original proposal and meets GC criteria, yes. 

Can I be involved in more than one proposal?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of proposals you can be associated with.

I’m a new researcher, joining CU Boulder in August. Can I apply to GC?

Yes, please work with your department chair for the submission. The Chair should be listed as a PI on the submission and will serve as the point-of-contact during the summer.

Is there an explicit interdisciplinary emphasis?

Not necessarily, but certainly many of the most exciting areas of work involve interdisciplinary teams.

Is there an expectation, or impetus, to leverage other, current, CU research facilities or funding?

No, not explicitly. However, demonstration that the proposed work is woven into the fabric of CU’s current or ongoing efforts could be important.

For facilities and infrastructure to promote research, are there any restrictions and/or expectations of how much capital equipment can be procured?

Not explicitly, though any capital expenses should be well justified, both in terms of an individual’s research and campus capabilities. 

Are letters of support from departments, colleges, collaborators and partners desired/required?

No, they are not required for this submission.

What format should the budget be in?
The budget should be a simplified version of what one might typically submit to NSF. It should have personnel and their level of work, travel, equipment, etc. The budget does not include overhead. However, fringe benefits, student stipends, tuition and fees, etc. do need to be included.  Everything included in the budget should be spelled out in the Budget Justification. Lastly, please provide a 3-year budget BUT Year 1 is a short 10-month budget, beginning September 1, 2017.