Lecturer at the Centre for Visual and Media Studies
University of Toronto

John Potvin is Lecturer at the Centre for Visual and Media Studies, University of Toronto, and is completing a dissertation, "Looking Beyond Male Bonding: ‘The New Chivalry’ and the Boundaries of Same-Sex Corporeal Intimacy in Turn-of-the-Century Britain," at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. He is a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Fellow and recently received the Bader Fellowship in Art History (2002-03).  His most recent and forthcoming publications include,  "Warriors, Slave Traders, and Religious Fanatics: ‘Reporting’ the Spectacle of Islamic Male Bodies in the Illustrated London News, 1890-1900," appeared in Inge Boer (ed.). After Orientalism. (Rodopi, 2003) and "Vapour and Steam: The Victorian Bath, Homosocial Health, and Male Bodies on Display" is forthcoming in the Journal of Design History.

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