Danny DeVito’s Body

March 1, 2008

[1] A 1987 profile in Newsweek meditated on the unlikely early success of Danny DeVito in Hollywood: “DeVito has…becom[e] one of Hollywood’s hottest—and most unlikely—success stories. In a town of pretty-boy leading men, he has triumphed despite being typecast as five-foot and fiendish” (Reese, 72). An interviewer for Peopleregistered similar...

Cartographies of a Violent Landscape: Viramontes’ and Moraga’s Remapping of Feminisms in Under the Feet of Jesus and Heroes and Saints

Feb. 1, 2008

“I cannot continue to use my body to be walked over to make a connection.” –Cherríe Moraga, This Bridge Called My Back, xv There is “[n]o sense talking tough unless you do it.” –Estrella, Under the Feet of Jesus , 45 [1] In her 1980 preface to This Bridge Called...

Minnesota’s Hot Mamas: An interview with Joanna Inglot

Jan. 2, 2008

[1] KLEIN: In your book WARM: A Feminist Art Collective in Minnesota you chronicle the history of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota, a woman’s art collective and gallery based in Minneapolis. In the introduction, you write that “thirty years after the founding of the WARM collective no studies about...